Imagine peace and love between the C-suite and the Sales Department

Perpetual accelerates revenue acquisition. We make sales happen, whether launching a new offering or troubleshooting an under-performing sales organization.

We work exclusively with new sales. Acquiring first-time customers is a unique and special task, but it is not a mystery. It is a craft with known and proven tactics and processes. Those tactics and processes are our science and our passion.

Your investment deserves its proper chance at bat. Perpetual Sales will identify the causes of sluggish sales and remove obstacles to clear a path to revenue. 

Perpetual is the shortest path to achieving sales goals.

The Perpetual Team

Mitchell Savage

Branding & Sales Operations

Brian Knox

Media & Public Relations

Miles Bacon

Systems Design

Chris Bhatti

Capital & Equity

Margo McClinton

Organizational Development

Krishanu Sengupta




New York

Los Angeles


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