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The biggest lie ever told was “If you build it, they will come.” They won’t. They’re busy. They’re not coming – you’re going to have to go get them.


Fortunes are made simply by selling the customer what they want. The way to fail is telling the customer they want the wrong thing.


Luckily, Everett Rogers was right. You sell to each audience segment individually, and

Early Adopters are quite inexpensive to sell to. Understanding the behaviors and biases of the various adopter segments is the key to launching first-time sales.

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Brand is more than a logo. Perpetual develops powerful brand assets that catapult sales through uniform use of the most powerful imagery and messaging. Know your Brand Promise, Voice, and Ideology so that the right customers are attracted and retained easily.


We create high performing sales organizations including people, technologies, standards, documentation, training, partner programs, and management reporting systems. Our process engages new customers, closes new sales, and trains staff level sales reps to continue the work.



Let the market find you through the expert papers you publish and the frequency with which journalists call to quote your team as the authority.

"Sell without selling." Influence industry opinion, create inbound customer traffic, or catalyze policy change.



Online traffic and purchasing can bring the best leads for upsales. Targeting the right audience at the right time and the right place brings returns. Perpetual manages digital ad-spend and provides Daily ROI reporting for clients selling products and services online.

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